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The danger of wearing high heels

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

High heels are beautiful, sexy and can go with almost anything. But there is a danger that comes with wearing them. Many women have twisted their ankles and even broken them from wearing heels. They did not start out slowly and just put them on because I think there is a myth that you just put them on and go. If you have never worn heels or high heels that are 3" or higher then you shouldn't just jump in them. Like anything else the ability to wear high or very high heels needs to be taken slowly.

Start with 1" heels and get comfortably with wearing them. Try to get heels that you can wear out and about. If you plan to wear the 3" or above a lot, then take your time with the smaller heels and wear them around the house or while running errands. Wait a few weeks before moving up to a higher heel.

When you feel ready then its time for the 3" or higher, high heels shoes. If you try and you keep going off balance and wobbling on the heels, then you aren't ready or even worse you have flat feet and no balance. If so you should try heels that are thicker. There are many shoes with thick heels that look gorgeous. And a variety are in clear heels which I think is one of the hottest looks for thick heels.

So I think anyone can wear heels, but you just have to know how and how not to get started. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy your heels and the way they make your legs look super long and sexy.

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