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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The biggest mistake women make when buying shoes is not trying the pair in question on both feet. You wear shoes on both of your feet, so you should try on shoes on both of your feet. Most individuals do not have matching feet and usually one foot is a noticeable amount larger—or even longer—than the other. Next time you visit your local shoe shop, be sure you try on both shoes and take a walk or two to see if you should purchase the shoes. Everyone has at least one pair of shoes in the back of the closet that were bought on the spur of the moment decision that either do not fit or hurt too badly to wear anymore.

The major mistake that many fashionistas make when it comes to buying shoes is not devoting enough time to shoe shopping. Although there never seems to be enough time when you are shoe shopping, be sure to have enough time to properly try on both shoes and think over your process carefully. Also, if you have a shoe salesman or woman who seems more interested in making the sale than making sure you are pleased with the pair in question, you may want to request another salesperson to help you in the future. Also, be sure to know the store’s return policy before buying any pair of shoes. In case you need to return the shoes in the future—assuming they are in an unworn state—you will want to be able to get your money back or at least receive a store credit for the full purchase amount.

Many women tend to have their proprieties in an incorrect order when it comes to shoe shopping. Instead of worrying about the fit and feel of the shoes, most women tend to focus on the look of the shoe. No matter how hot those heels may look, if you are unable to successfully walk in them, consider choosing another pair of shoes. Never exchange looks for pain, since you can potentially cause great harm to your feet by wearing shoes that do not properly fit your feet. Furthermore, wearing shoes that you are unable to successfully walk in may prompt you to fall, thus injuring your body as well as your feet. Also, look at the shoes on your feet before you decide to purchase the pair in question, since many shoes look lovely in the box, are do not look appropriate for your size and shape of foot.

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