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Monday, December 19, 2005

I was very angry to hear some comments a woman had to say to me about heels. She decided that we should not wear them and they should thrown in the garbage. And that anyone who does wear them is an idiot.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but we are also entitled to the right to wear whatever shoes we want to wear. If I want to put on 8" heels, that's my business. They can argue about smoking, drinking and whatever else, but they cannot honestly say to me that us wearing high heels are affecting anyone else or endangering anyone else.

This is something that I do for me. I enjoy heels and if I want to wear them until my feet fall off, then thats my business and no one else's. No you shouldn't be cramming your 3 yo daughter's feet into heels, but when you are a grown woman (or man) and you make a decision to put on a pair of heels I don't see that you need someone else telling you off. It's one of the most harmless things in the world to do. I do know that people do have negative effects from long time heel wearing, but once again, we are adults. If this is what we choose to do, then let it be.

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