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Balenciaga Lego High Heel Shoes - Sexy or Crazy?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Balenciaga is a great designer but I have had to raise a brow at some of his high heel shoe designs over the years. In 2007, many people raised a brow when they were first introduced to his high heel shoe that many people felt resembled something made by a child using Lego blocks. Off a runway, I do not think that most women would run to by these heels unless someone paid them to.

I have grown fond of the shoe design but I still would not wear it. I would however like to add it to a collection just to be looked at. These heels are also expensive, coming in at a whopping $4,175 a pair. Sexy crooner, Beyonce was spotted at the AMA's wearing and performing in a pair of these eye catching shoes and all over the internet fans and haters have wondered if she owns a mirror. Let's just hope that they came with the regular celebrity swag and that she did not actually pay for them.

These heels come in bright ugly and plain black but as if that wasn't bad enough, the designer decided that making them into a variety of flats couldn't possibly make them any uglier. Wrong!

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