Dalmatian & Hot Pink High Heel Shoe Chair

This is fun and original. I am thinking about putting in an order for one of these chairs, they are very cute.

Dalmatian & Hot Pink High Heel Shoe Chair
Sturdy: Solid wooden frame upholstered with high quality vibrant hot pink vinyl and fuzzy Dalmatian velvet fabrics.

Full Size: Length 42" Width 20" Height 41" Seat Height 16" Beware of the small Cheap Chair offered by others.

Great Gift: Treat someone you love with this beautiful high quality chair or buy it for yourself. You wont find a quality hand made chair at a better price!



Anonymous said...

I heaqrd highheelshoechair.com rips you off. i reaqllly want that chair also- but i read that a girl ordered and hasnt received it in 3 monthes... Help me out ?

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