Heels By Emilio Pucci - Deliciously Beautiful

While a great pair of black heels looks great with almost any outfit and no high heel collection should be without them, you should always shop around for color and the designs by Emilio Pucci fit that bill.

If your looking for color then these high heels are sure to dazzle. Be it flats, pumps, boots, sandals, slingbacks, mules or slides, there is sure to be something for everyone in this collection.

You can view some of this colorful designer high heel brand at this link, Emilio Pucci Colorful Heels

Below are some of my favorite heels in from this great designer. Click links for more info on these beautiful heels.

Balenciaga Lego High Heel Shoes - Sexy or Crazy?

Balenciaga is a great designer but I have had to raise a brow at some of his high heel shoe designs over the years. In 2007, many people raised a brow when they were first introduced to his high heel shoe that many people felt resembled something made by a child using Lego blocks. Off a runway, I do not think that most women would run to by these heels unless someone paid them to.

I have grown fond of the shoe design but I still would not wear it. I would however like to add it to a collection just to be looked at. These heels are also expensive, coming in at a whopping $4,175 a pair. Sexy crooner, Beyonce was spotted at the AMA's wearing and performing in a pair of these eye catching shoes and all over the internet fans and haters have wondered if she owns a mirror. Let's just hope that they came with the regular celebrity swag and that she did not actually pay for them.

These heels come in bright ugly and plain black but as if that wasn't bad enough, the designer decided that making them into a variety of flats couldn't possibly make them any uglier. Wrong!

Drew Barrymore Sexy In Black

Vanity Fair Italy has since been cancelled but these photos are of Drew Barrymore in sexy black high heels from 1992 taken by Peter Duke. You can check out or purchase some of his other works here.

Sarah Jessica Parker In Heels

Sarah Jessica Parker is usually a hit or miss when it comes to her dress style but one thing that she knows is shoes. From one sexy high heel to another Ms. Parker is usually decked out in a sexy Jimmy Choo to a sensual Alexander McQueen.

Red Twisted and Bizarre Heels

I apologize everyone I have been unable to blog for quite some time. To many problems with blogger. I will be looking for another solution.

As I read up on these high heeled boots, the tag line said "It's pretty safe to say the real challenge will be finding a place we can't wear these boots." and I could only laugh. In my opinion the only way your getting me to step outside in these hideous boots is to drag me out. Good Luck on that.

Sequined Wedge Sandal

A large trend that I'm noticing more and more of lately is the wedge style heel. More recently I have seen a lot of gorgeous styles and designs and have decided to pick some up for myself.
Due to a more even feel, they balance nicely and I might in the future grab another pair or two.

This wedge called the "Gabriella Black" can be found at Amazon for a mere $29.99 and thankfully goes up to a size 10. Grab a pair and let's get our wedge on.
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