Higher Heels During A Recession?

High heel shoes continue to go up in height, but have you noticed that as people lose their homes and jobs, that women are wearing more heels that are higher than ever? This is very according to Conventry Telegraph.

According to their article, since the 1930's, it has been easy to predict economic disasters based on the types of high heel shoes that women wear. And thanks to the styles, they may have predicted our most recent recession.

What does high heels have to do with financial nightmares? Well, according to article, cheaper but taller heels, help the wearer to feel less depressed during the recession.

Is there anything that high heel shoes can't do?

Source: Conventry Telegraph


Fashion Girl @ bigjobsboard said...

Hahaha..lol..I don't think so. I wear high heels and I have a stable job.

Anonymous said...

Yeah? Well give it time. Everything comes to an end.

ugg australia said...

Its strange!!!! i will to wear high heel to get rid of this bad recession May be its works :)

Dissertation Proposal said...

I think equating the height of heels to the economy is funny.

jessicabuurman said...

nice post. this is very interesting post.

Jessica Buurman said...

its nice

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