Strappy Sandals

Donna Karan Victoire Iconic Ankle Strap Sandal

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I've looked at these shoes from all angles, but I really don't like them. That thing in the front is just a turn off and I think they could have thought of something better there. The straps look good and so do the heels and the sole but that thing, I don't even know or understand what it is and what they were thinking. If anyone else likes, let me know. Because it's hard for me to imagine that these are big sellers. Without a foot in the shoes they almost seemed ok, but once I saw how it would look with someone wearing it, ugh they are not as pretty as I had first thought. The ankle straps are nice on the sandal.

An edgy slide designed for the daring.
Soft leather ankle straps and upper featuring stitch detailing.
Gold eyelet and hardware ornamentation.
Leather lining and sole.
4 1/4" heel.

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